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Welcome To Our World Of Rottweilers,

The Rottweiler is an old breed that began in Germany as a cattle drover. Today it

rivals the best of dogs as a champion and guardian. The Rottweiler was named after the

German town of Rottweil. A Rottweiler is a natural born trotter. To see a large athletic

Rottweiler move is like poetry in motion.  These dogs can easily weigh more than most

humans and far more powerful. When you see a Rottweiler muzzled, you can figure that the

owner may well not be kidding. The Rottweiler is not only large, agile and powerful, but

he is also known to have a tremendously powerful bite! It is never a good idea to pet any

large breed dog without the permission of it's owner.  The Rottweiler is a breed that is

quick on the trigger when a situation that calls for instant defense arises,  yet is a good laid

back family dog with very high intelligence (quick learners) Some say they have the

intelligence of a five year old child and needs the same amount of attention and

supervision. On that note would you let a five year drive your car on a highway alone?

Why would anyone think it is alright to let a Rottweiler run loose?  The Rottweiler has the

inherent desire to protect the home and family and is an intelligent dog of extreme hardness

and adaptability with a strong willingness to work. The Rottweiler is a high energy dog

outside and very low energy dog inside the home. These qualities make the Rottweiler a

great house dog.

We sell Rottweilers as pets with obedience training, or for family protection with

obedience and protection training, or as attack dogs and man stoppers for strictly

professional use!    "ONLY TO QUALIFIED OWNERS"

The Rottweiler is exceptionally well suited to being a loyal companion, security and

working dog. It is self assured, steady and fearless. A Rottweiler must learn, from the start,

it's position in the family. It is usually tolerant of children, but parents need to make sure

every child  that comes in contact with the dog is taught to treat the dog fairly and

should be actively involved in the dog's education process. E
very first time Rottweiler

needs to take the time to learn how to properly train a puppy from day one prior to

getting one
. It is important that everyone in the home be on the same page with training the

dog. Rules for the dog need to set down from
day one.  No one should allow the dog, at any

time, to break the rules and another enforce the rules.  Mixed messages in the dog's mind

will cause an uncontrollable dog. These dogs work best with praise for the good things

they do rather than harsh correction.  Rottweilers are people pleaser's and are not happy if

they have made you upset with them.

In a nutshell, Rules-Rules-Rules, Socialize-Socialize-Socialize,

Limitations and Boundries, Praise-Praise and more Praise. Do your

homework, ask lots of questions from
professionals that know this

prior to getting a Rottweiler. It is much easier to train your dog

from the start than it is to undo out of control behavior. These are not

Golden or Labs Retrievers. They do not do well shut away from their

family. Make them a family member and you will have wonderful

companion that will lay down his life for you and the family. A dog in

the back yard cannot protect his family or the content of your home.
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I have to ask the following questions:

Do you know how many children go missing from their beds at night? Do you
know how many Child Molesters live in your community?  

"It Is Up To You To Protect Your Children and Your Home"
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